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Parent & Student Resources

On this page you will find a number of resources to help you navigate the school system as well as important forms, enrollment information, and student programs. Click on a thumbnail below for more information.

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Parent/Student Surveys

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Alert Now

Rockingham County Schools utilizes the Alert Now: Connect 5 Phone Notification Service.


Your child’s school will be utilizing the Alert Now: Connect 5 service for: 

  • Back to School                       

  • Parent Conferences

  • Special Events

  • End of Grade Testing Dates    

  • Sports Cancellations               

  • Report Card Distribution                                                                                 

  • Make Up School Day Reminder

  • PTO/PTA/PTSO/Booster Clubs

  • Emergency Messages

  • Attendance / Absence Notification

The district will be utilizing the Alert Now:Connect 5 service for:

  • Weather Related Information                                 

  • Emergency Messages  

  • Other Important Information                                                                                                                            


To update your primary and emergency contact information, please call your child’s school.


To receive a replay of school and district messages sent to your phone, call 1-855-4-REPLAY or 1-855-473-7529.


Anyone who accidentally opted out of their RCS/school automated phone calls can easily opt back in. Call 855-502-7867 and select option 2. The call MUST be made from the opt-in phone number, which means schools cannot add a phone number for families.  We don't want you to miss any important messages!

Alert Now
Teacher Web Pages
Read to Achieve
Teenagers in Library

Read to Achieve

Read To Achieve is a part of the Excellent Schools Act passed into NC law in July 2012 and applies to all schools beginning 2013-2014 school year. Read To Achieve focuses on preparing students to be proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade. Click the link below to learn more about Read to Achieve as well as other elementary resources. 

Parent Resouces
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Parent Resources

Here are several resources you can explore with your child. 

Have comments of suggestions?  We would love to hear from you. Click below to access our Parent Comment Box.

COMMON Sense Media:
K-5 Curriculum Guide
Online Safety
RCS Elementary Resources Page - Including Kindergarten Registration
NC Report Cards:

Reading, Library, and EOG Practice:


Visit the websites below and select the grade level needed:

Language Arts and More

EOG Practice Samples (and Tips) (this link has an error and has moved)

Classroom Sites (Please click on Classrooms and select your child's grade level)


Be There

Be There is a multimedia campaign designed to inspire families to become more involved in their children's education.


The Idea Behind the Be There Campaign –

Constant inspirational reminders to Be There for children that will change behaviors and make connecting with children the new norm throughout our nation.



•  To improve student achievement through increased family involvement.

•  To align parent activities with state/district goals.

•  To support educators by making it easier for parents to become effective partners.

•  To show families that simple, easy connections with children make a huge difference.


For more information about BE THERE, visit their website at

Be There
Teacher and Young Student

Title 1 Parent Policy

Leaksville-Spray Elementary School’s Title I Parent Policy

“Our mission is to empower each individual to reach his/her potential in a safe,

positive, stimulating and technologically advanced environment.”


The Parent Policy is included in the Parent/Student Handbook and is given to each family at the beginning of the year. A copy of the School Improvement Plan and the Parent Policy is located in the school office and is posted on the school website.

LSE staff recognizes that the involvement of parents in their children’s education has been demonstrated to increase student success. Parents are always welcome to visit and observe lessons. In order to build this strong partnership, we will provide various activities.

  • An Annual Meeting/Open House will be held in September Parents will meet with teachers, learn about Leaksville-Spray being a Title I school, and be given opportunities to become involved in their child’s education.

  • Additional meetings will be held throughout the year, to provide assistance to parents in understanding the state’s academic requirements. (School curriculum, academic assessment, state’s academic content and achievement standards, EOG test requirements) Meetings will also focus on how parents and teachers can work together to monitor the child’s progress in order to improve student achievement. Particular topics and needs from parents will be addressed through timely meetings. For example, Information on the K-2 Curriculum, an End of Grade Test Prep for 3-5 parents, Science/Math Fun Night, and other information sessions. Meetings will be held at different times during the day to accommodate parents’ schedules

  • Workshops to help volunteers learn how to be effective in the classroom will be held twice this year.

  • Two parent conferences will be scheduled where the progress of the student will be discussed as well as the expectations for the grade level.

  • A Parent Advisory Committee that meets quarterly..

  • Written school communications are provided in a language that parents can understand.

  • Homework Assistance Line (HAL) is available Monday - Thursday 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Students or parents can call for assistance with homework.

  • A survey is provided for all parents to express opinions about the Leaksville-Spray Elementary School and the Title 1 program.

  • Parent/Teacher/Student Compacts are provided as evidence of communicating good educational choices that foster high expectations for those involved in the educational process of our students.

  • Open communication between school and home encourages parents to be supportive of our school and gives them a voice in the education of their children.

  • Parents and students are referred to the Parent Resource Center for materials, information, tutoring services, and help with homework.

  • Parents are voted on, at a PTSO Meeting, to serve on the School Improvement Team.

  • It is the vision of Leaksville-Spray Elementary School that all students reach their highest potential in a safe, nurturing, academically challenging environment and gain the necessary skills to effectively compete in a global society.

Title 1 Parent Policy
Volunteer Resources
Child Care


PBIS = Positive Behavioral Intervention Support

PBIS Newsletter for Parents

PBIS Background

PBIS Voice Levels (Video)

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